Going Back to Where It All Began Three Years Ago

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Tonight, we head to Denver for a week. Garrett has a conference there—the same conference we attend every June.

The last time this conference was in Denver was exactly three years ago. I remember exactly where I was at the time. My book had recently been released, and I was exhausted from a book tour of signings, talks, and interviews. We were in the process of buying our home—which we’d close on shortly after landing home. And, most notably, I was about to open the Sacred Circle for the very first time.

It was only a few months before that I woke up in the middle of the night and wrote down five words—Discover, Create, Value, Express, and Heal. I didn’t know what they meant. I didn’t know why I was writing them down. But I did.

It was only a few weeks before that I had contacted Sherri—an artist I had seen around the online world but hardly known—and asked her to be a part of this work. Even though I had never taught a Circle, something felt so important about bringing her on.

And, together, we ventured into the unknown. Unpacking what exactly those five words mean. Forming the Sacred Circle. Helping the dozens of people who were coming forward.

Exactly three years ago.

For me, a place can hold memories so strongly. When I go back to Aruba, I’m in touch with all of the other moments in Aruba. When I go back to Italy, I’m in touch with all of the other moments in Italy. So, naturally, my mind immediately transports me back to where I was three years ago in Denver.

It doesn’t surprise me that it’s been three years exactly, either. In the Sacred Circle, three is a very sacred number. It’s a symbol of creation, of stability, of unfolding.

It reminds me of how far I’ve come over the last three years. How much I’ve evolved—both professionally and personally. How, at the time, I was still struggling to know exactly how I wanted to run my business. And now I couldn’t be happier with the exact containers I have. I love running the Circle. I love running the Mastermind. I feel so emotionally nourished by my work.

I’ve found it.

Perhaps not coincidentally, three people I know have moved to Denver within the last few months. One is someone who’s been interested in the Sacred Circle for a long time. One is someone who’s taken the Sacred Circle twice, and is interested in the Mastermind. And one is in our current Mastermind.

Three. At different levels of the work. It feels fitting with the three years since I’ve been in Denver. In remembering myself by the pool, e-mailing my web designer about the website. Or planning out who will be invited. Or even what we’ll be journeying through.

It’s almost hard to remember that there was a time I wasn’t running the Sacred Circle. When you’ve been doing this work for three years continuously, it becomes a part of you. You change more than anyone who goes through it with you.

And—again, maybe not coincidentally—I’m teaching the last Sacred Mastermind content call from Denver. It’s content we’ve never taught before. It’s not Discover or Create or Value or Express or Heal. It’s the Vortex. The space in which all of those Master Energies (and their Shadow Energies) come together as one.

The place of infinite Oneness.

It feels fitting to be in Denver for all of this.

So I’ve off on my journey tonight. Somehow deeper into myself. And integrating all the parts of myself over the last three years.

The fear that none of this will work out. And the excitement of doing work that I love so deeply. And the pain and frustration as we hit bumps and roadblocks. And the disbelief that people want to go as deep as I want to go. And, ultimately, the validation that I have something powerful to share with the world—by just being myself.

In the last three years, I’ve gotten engaged and married, bought this beautiful house, launched Sacred Circles and Sacred Masterminds and helped hundreds of people, and stepped deeper into myself.

Who knows what the next three years can hold.

I never expected so much magic just three years ago. But magic starts with small steps of saying yes to your intuition—to what feels right to you.

What tiny steps are you taking today to create magic for you?

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