How Getting Married Already Changed My Business

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I got legally married on Friday. The ceremony was beautiful—at my favorite park, overlooking the skyline of the whole city at sunset. It’s a special place to me. The site of where the first American flag was raised. It’s a park that I walk to and meditate at almost weekly. It’s where I’ve had so many epiphanies about my own self-worth. And it’s four doors down from the first place Garrett and I lived together, just the two of us. Where I lived while I told the world about our relationship.

It seemed fitting to get married there.

Afterwards, my friend Kate, who officiated the beautiful ceremony—came back to our home to lead a meditation and to help us visualize what Aruba will be. It was only a 10-minute meditation, infused with alternate nostril breathing and preceded by smudging. But I was shocked at how powerful it felt. Almost immediately, I felt an awakening of something deep inside.

The portal was open. For the next few weeks, as we prepare for the ceremony in Aruba, we’re in this kind of in-between state. Married legally but not quite energetically. So Kate helped us create that space.

Not surprisingly, I went to bed that night and started having vibrant dreams. Mostly about my work. And by the time I awoke yesterday, I already had a clear idea of the entirely new content I’m teaching in the Sacred Mastermind in January. I began to write it down, and 21 slides flew out of me. It’s not everything yet, and it certainly needs to be unpacked and organized a lot more. But it’s there. The bulk of the teachings are clear.

I talked to Sherri about it for maybe 20 minutes, and she was floored. It was so abundantly clear that these were the most powerful teachings that ever came through the work. Much stronger than anything we’ve taught in the Circle. Which makes sense—the Mastermind calls in specific people. It’s not for every Circler. And it takes things up a few notches.

But she wasn’t surprised. The legal wedding was done. The portal was open. And I was now more connected to Garrett. Of course something huge was about to drop in. It made perfect sense.

When I first got together with Garrett, I recovered from a debilitating mystery illness, started exploring my spirituality, set plans in motion to leave my job, and started both herbalism and nutrition school.

When we first moved in together in our own place, I actually left my job, start my new business, was offered a book deal, and had a dream where the Five Master Energies (which would later inform all of my work) came through.

When we bought a house together, I launched my first Sacred Circle (a month after closing on the house), hired a lawyer and became a full LLC, and upleveled a lot of my business.

So, naturally, getting married was going to open up something entirely new in the work. Because Garrett puts me more and more on my path. It’s like he somehow accelerates my Soul’s journey.

And now I’m in this place. For the next 12 days. Legally married, without our Aruba ceremony. Finishing up last-minute work and wedding stuff. Accessing the most powerful work I have to date, and excitedly organizing all of it. And strangely feeling a sense of immense ease around all of it.

I’m exactly where I’m supposed to be—exactly where I want to be. And I wouldn’t change a thing.

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