Why Generosity & Abundance Are Actually the Natural Results of Doing What You Love

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I love what I do. I really, really love the work I get to do in the world.

Yesterday, I taught a very intensive Value Content Call for almost two hours in our Sacred Mastermind. A few years ago, the energy of that alone would have knocked me out for the rest of the day. We explored the root of power dynamics, socialization, extraction, sexual assault, and exploitation. It was powerful. And triggering. And intense.

Then I jumped off that call, rushed outside to let my dog Roscoe pee, and immediately jumped on another call—this time a free one for the public—for our Open House. And it was also about Value. So I had to shift gears from super high-level conversation to super introductory without minutes. And recollect my energy. And show up for these people. Who weren’t even paying me.

In any other job, I would have felt exhausted. Or resentful. Or downright annoyed. But, honestly, I felt lit up and excited. The people who’ve joined us in the Open House already have been some of the most incredible, open, and insightful people.

And I just thought, “I can’t believe I get to do this for work.”

In the Circle, we study this idea that all authentic expression is self-expression. And that sounds obvious—basically tautological. And yet there’s infinite wisdom there. I mean, if I think, “Oh god, I just have to market the Sacred Circle and post to Facebook,” that wouldn’t be self-expression. I mean, that’d be communication, maybe? Or at least posting. But it’s definitely not self-expression.

But self-expression, quite definitively, is expression of who I am. It’s just sharing myself with the world. And all authentic expression comes from that place.

Theoretically, something like an Open House or webinar or guest teaching could be our “marketing” through the Sacred Circle. Technically, this blog itself could be “marketing” for the Sacred Circle. But the thing is—none of it—none of anything we do has ever felt like “marketing.” At least in how I conceptualize marketing. Because I just get to show up and share what I love to do. And, if people resonate, that’s awesome. And they’re totally welcome to get more of what they love for an energy exchange. And, if they don’t, that’s fantastic too. And I hope they do find what resonates.

And that’s kind of it.

I find that generosity isn’t necessarily something that you have to aim to do; it’s a natural result of doing what you love. Hell, we don’t have to run Open Houses and share free energetic activations with people, but we do it because we love it so much. Because we get fueled up by sharing this.

Like how I’m not nice to Garrett because I think it makes me a good person or that I should be. I’m nice to Garrett because I love him so much. I want to do the laundry and unload the dishwasher. I want to surprise him and make him happy.

When we follow what we love, we can’t help but be generous. Because the truth is we are being filled up so much already that it’s hard to not spill that over to others.

I really never believed that being myself and nothing more would be my career. That just sharing work I’m doing internally would help people tremendously. And that the deeper I dive into just being myself, the easier my work gets.

But I’m just so filled up. I really love what I do. I leave calls more energized than drained. I get to meet the most incredible, courageous people. And, most of all, I get to use my work to heal my own trauma and drama every single day.

So often, we hide our gifts from the world out of fear. I certainly know that’s been me. At another point in my life, I might have thought that sharing actual content from the Sacred Circle and giving away free energetic activations was too much. I might have thought that nobody would come and want to work with me if I’m already giving it all away for free. Not just the dumbed down version. The actual stuff (just really condensed).

I would have worried that all those coaches and courses would say I’m “giving too much away” or “leaving money on the table” or whatever other clichés I’ve internalized from the online business world.

But the ironic thing is—most of our Circlers actually come from things like webinars and guest teachings and referrals. Not because we’re running those things to get sales. But mostly because people hear the work—in its fullness—and might resonate. Or might see their friend transforming and wonder what’s helping them.

And that generosity actually fuels the work. And allows us to be even more generous. And keep sharing the work.

I think a lot about scarcity thinking and lack mentality. About this belief that there will never be enough and I have to hide and hoard and keep it all to myself. And then I think that’s certainly not the life I want to live or the world I want to contribute to making. If possible, in whatever small way I can, I kind of want to reiterate the message that there actually is enough for all of us. That we can share our gifts and support one another. And, yes, we need equal energy exchanges somewhere in there to make sure we’re nourished and not depleted.

But nourishment rarely comes from hoarding and being miserable. For me, it usually comes from doing what you love and naturally being generous.

So let’s change the dialogue. Let’s see if we can fall in love with what we do. And share ourselves—our whole selves—in everything. Every teaching. Every form of expression. Even “marketing.”

Because that’s the kind of world I envision. Where we are all passionately sharing our gifts and opening to one another. Where generosity is the unconscious norm. And where we all get fed by each other’s energy medicine.

I’m just really, really grateful that this gets to be my “job.”

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