You’ve got questions. I’ve got answers.


What exactly do you do?0034_160720_TJD11668

In the simplest terms, I help spiritual entrepreneurs build their businesses and make money for living their life purposes. I work on the energetic level, and so everything we do, I explain from both the business aspect but also the energetic aspect. My real interest is in getting everything a person does—business or otherwise—to align with their unique energetic pathway, where success naturally flows.

At earlier stages of this work, that might look like gaining immense clarity around your life purpose and how to infuse it into your business. At medium stages, that might look like re-conceptualizing money and marketing to feel more aligned with the soulful work that you do. At more advanced levels, that might look like forming mastermind, support networks, and strategic partnerships. Finally, at VIP levels, that might look like public relationship, thought leadership, speaking engagements, and strategic positioning and messaging.

My job is to work with spiritual entrepreneurs across all stages of their experience to help them share their life-changing work with millions and get compensated abundantly for living their life purpose.

So are you a business coach?0027_160720_TJD11638

If you’re asking if I help people with their businesses, then yes. If you’re asking if I call myself a ‘business coach’ or teach tactics like list-building or how to use Facebook ads, then no. I’m more interested in helping spiritual entrepreneurs understand the energetic blocks in their business and move those so that everything can flow easily.

I only work with spiritual entrepreneurs, but I don’t always just work on their businesses. My work seeks to blur the lines between business and personal life so that you just get to show up as yourself in any situation and get compensated abundantly for it.

Are you a life coach?0175_160720_TJD12126

I am not a life coach by training. I am a health and wellness coach, a PR and thought leadership pro, an energy healer, and a spiritual mentor. Some of the work we do may border on supporting your life choices—things that might fall under the domain of a life coach. But I’m really interested in the energetics behind the scenes and supporting you in living your soul’s purpose more fully, and then making money from that alignment.

What is a mentor for spiritual entrepreneurs?0141_160720_TJD11977

Exactly as it sounds. I mentor spiritual entrepreneurs about how to build a business in a spiritually aligned way. I don’t teach meditation or how to do your own energy work, though I work with some of the best in the business and am happy to refer you if that’s what you need. But I help entrepreneurs with things like:

  • Discover their unmistakable brand and the way energy uniquely flows for them
  • Understand their unique genius and how to use their life purpose to build success
  • Tune in to the energetics of their business and see their blocks
  • Uplevel their business by shifting any low-vibrational energy that is attached
  • Develop programs that give their audiences exactly what they want (while honoring their own time schedule)
  • Create financial plans that shift their money story from a more empowered place
  • Spread their message to millions through effective PR and thought leadership campaigns
  • Be seen in massive ways, including speaking on stages, writing for top-tier publications, being interviewed on television, and writing books
  • Form strategic partnerships and supportive connections

What exactly is a spiritual entrepreneur?0167_160720_TJD12068

Anyone who considers herself in that category. The work I do is all about energetics, life purpose, and soul alignment. I talk about the Universe, crystals, angels, spirit guides, soul retrieval, resonance, chakras, downloads, and energy medicine. If that sort of stuff weirds you out, then we’re probably not a fit. A lot of the clients I see are herbalists, yoga teachers, energy workers, life coaches, business coaches, strategists, animal communicators, psychics, shamans, artists, spiritual teachers, holistic doctors, spiritual lawyers, conscious accountants, energetic web designers, branding specialists, and the like.

I work with anyone who wants to build her business in an energetically and spiritually aligned way. To me, these are spiritual entrepreneurs.

Are you a psychic?0106_160720_TJD11871

Of course I am. And so are you. Yes, I share intuitive hits and downloads I get for clients if and when it’s appropriate. But I’m much more interested in helping clients to access their own intuition and use that to identify blocks or misalignment in their businesses and be able to shift to full alignment.

Do you do energy work?0082_160720_TJD11780

Yes, energy work is a large part of my work. In fact, it’s my belief that we all do energy work all the time. Right now, by reading my words, you’re being activated at different levels. And I teach clients how to make every single engagement opportunity with their audiences an activation.

That being said, I don’t ‘heal’ or even work on specific physical, mental, emotional, or spiritual ailments. I have a team of highly skilled energy workers that I may refer clients out to. My work is focused primarily on helping spiritual entrepreneurs to build a business that is aligned with their soul and makes them good money. If energy work feels necessary as part of that work, we may do it. But I do not work specifically on client issues.

Can I hire you for one-on-one work?0216_160720_TJD12302

Yes – there are two ways that I work one-on-one with clients. The first is a Sacred Branding session. This is a one-off session that I offer. But don’t let that fool you. For many of my clients, this was the most life-changing work they’ve ever done. It’s a two-hour intensive session, filled with energy healing and deep analysis of your audience, your industry, your wounds, your patterns, your energetic pathways, and your life purpose. You will walk away from this experience with immense clarity around your purpose. I recommend this as one of the first places to engage with my work.

In addition to Sacred Branding, I also take on a very limited number of private clients in a retainer model. These VIP Client Services are what you might think of as full-service public relations and thought leadership services. They are by invite-only, and include a full in-depth proposal process. Typically, these clients will have very well-established businesses and have worked with me in a number of capacities (often Sacred Branding, Sacred Circle, and Sacred Mastermind).

I’ve seen people post their ‘Brand Energies’ and talk about how life-changing Sacred Branding was for them. Why are a few words so special? I could do that myself.0052_160720_TJD11701

For clients who’ve had Sacred Branding sessions with me, the ‘Brand Energies’ – or 5-6 words – are the least interesting part. These words are casings, mantras, or portals to shift us back to the energy of the session (and the energy of your life purpose).

The primary reason that these sessions are so life-changing is that we discover and activate your energetic pathway – the way energy has always flowed for you. And the words become tools to guide you back to that pathway and that flow. Without the activation and the deep energetic and intellectual work within the session, these words would, in fact, just be ordinary words.

The life-changing magic happens when we discover and activate them.

What makes your work different?0100_160720_TJD11845

I’m very dedicated to my craft. I practice my own work every single day. I bought my dream house using my Brand Energies. I dress using my Brand Energies. I’ve cultivated my relationship with my fiancée Garrett using my Brand Energies. I’ve built my ideal business using my Brand Energies.

I take my work very seriously. And, although it’s a very loving and beautiful way to step into alignment with your soul and build a business, that doesn’t mean that it is always easy. My full intention is to serve your highest and best and get you where you need to be. Sometimes this work can sting a little bit. I am always here to lovingly hold space and support you, but you also need to be ready to this level of activation.

As you may notice, a lot of my work is invite-only or has suggest prerequisites. I am very conscious about who is a good fit for each level of my programming, and I’m more than happy to refer you to the most appropriate level for you.

A large part of my work—whether through ‘marketing collateral’ or the actual programs—serves to activate clients to a point where they are ready to engage with the different levels of this powerful work. For many clients, integrating at a more entry-level is much more effective than pushing themselves to reach the next level of work before they are ready.

Ethics, integrity, and tangible results are paramount to my work. I’m very focused on not only making sure that this work deeply aligns with clients’ souls, but also that they are empowered enough to either get the results they want or understand the blocks in their path.