How Do You Embody Your Life Purpose?

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Embodiment and the way to be your life purpose.

If you’ve read this blog long enough, you know that I don’t believe that life purpose is linear, like something you can achieve. It’s not something you’re supposed to do or fulfill or create. Because it doesn’t follow that linear framework at all. It’s cyclical. It’s all-encompassing. And it’s something you just are. You be your purpose; you don’t just do it.

So, naturally, I get asked how to be your purpose all the time. What that even looks like. What it could look like for you. To be Aligned or Connected or Successful or Enchanted. What it could look like for you to be who you truly are.

And, since we’re in the Heal week in our current Sacred Circle, this topic has been on my mind quite a bit over the last week. In fact, just yesterday, our brilliant Community Manager Sherri shared a beautiful story with our current Circle. She said that her intuitive 11-year-old son asked her, “Is Mike rich?” So she got really curious and asked why he’d ask such a thing. To which he pointed to the way I look, my clothes, and how I remind him of rich people he knows.

I don’t know that I’m rich (though I guess it’s a completely subjective assessment), but I do know that I’m Successful. It’s one of my Brand Energies—and one that I have had to work through so many layers of shame to embody. To allow myself to unapologetically wear clothes that make me feel good about myself. And go to restaurants where I can support a chef’s art. And decorate a home that feels like me. And not feel like I need to downplay or apologize for any of it.

I’m Successful because it’s who I am. His experiencing of that Energy is because of every moment that I create, feel, and express it. That’s how we embody. That’s how we be our purpose. Through the simple everyday actions—or rituals—that help us create, feel, and express who we are.

I think a lot about Sacred Circle work like I think about relationships. After all, relationships are the only framework I have to understand nonlinear dynamics. I mean, I’m not trying to achieve a relationship. I’m not trying to win or succeed or accomplish. I’m just being in it. Learning, growing, expanding. And letting it unfold over time.

I think a lot about my relationship with Garrett. And what makes it so good. Honestly, it’s the simple everyday gestures. Kissing first thing in the morning and right before bed. Hugging when he first gets home from work. Doing little favors for each other. Saying we love each other multiple times a day. Going for a long walk and talking about how our day went.

The simple rituals done over and over again that create a good relationship. It’s the same way I create a good relationship with my Successful Energy. Or my Free Energy. Or my Aligned Energy.

It’s not in the big, one-time gestures. It’s in the simple rituals we do every day to make me create, feel, and express each of these Energies. That’s how I’m building a relationship. That’s how I’m being who I truly am.

And don’t mistake me. Like a real relationship, the closer we get, the more we have to work through our own shit. Like wearing clothes that makes me feel Successful and fearing that people will judge me as inaccessible or snobby. That people will think I’m a show-off or that I spent too much on my clothes. That somehow I’ll turn into an asshole, a bitch, someone who doesn’t care about others.

Or building a business that helps others be Successful and being seen as a fraud. As not good enough. Like I need to keep making more money and proving myself. Or seen as pretentious. Or unhelpful. And need to work harder and do more. Like that I can’t be Successful and full of ease at the same time.

Those kinds of judgments. The deep stuff will come up, just like any good relationship. Because, yes, being our life purpose is about sharing our unique gifts with the world. And, yes, being our life purpose is about feeling what we most desire. And, yes, being our life purpose is about expressing our truest selves. But, more than any of that, it’s really about building a relationship with ourselves.

That’s why life purpose isn’t linear. It’s about relationships. And we all know those aren’t linear.

I embody who I am through the small actions I take every single day. Intentional actions. Including this one. Including writing to you.

I become through how I create, feel, and express every day. It doesn’t mean I’m achieving my purpose any more. But it does mean I’m embodying it a hell of a lot deeper.

How do you embody your purpose?

2 Responses to "How Do You Embody Your Life Purpose?"
  1. Mark Charlton says:

    Another inspiring post…and one again that is so connected to my experience 🙂 I left a job that really didn’t inspire me any longer and took a risk…plans to return to uni to study in Sept a course that, when I was silent with myself and distilled my values, rose to the surface. Thanks again for all your clear and decisive writings – a pleasure and inspiration as always.

  2. Mike Iamele says:

    So glad to hear of all the amazing changes you’re making in your life, Mark! Good luck at university in September — I have a feeling it’s a powerful step in your life. I love hearing about your adventures — it’s always so inspiring!

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