Why I Don’t Do One-on-One Work

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I don’t do any one-on-one work.

I haven’t for years. (Well, except for opening up to two Sacred Branding™ sessions a month when I want to.)

All the time, prospective or current clients ask to do one-on-one work. If I could work through the Sacred Circle with them and support them in unpacking their Brand Energies.

And, as fun as that sounds, I have to tell them that I don’t do it. I can’t do it anymore. The work simply won’t let me.

All of my work is done in community. This work can only happen in community.

If you’ve been through the work, you probably understand immediately. It’s hard sometimes. Really fucking hard. Shit comes up. And we need immense layers of support. We need people who are right alongside us. Understanding what we’re going through. Encouraging. Supporting us.

We need relationships. Lots of relationships. More than just me. So that we feel the lines of support forming a net. And a community catching us.

We need to remember that we’re all humans. We all have subjectivity. And no matter how diverse our lives (and, in the Circle, we tend to get very diverse experiences), at the end of the day we are united by our humanity.

We need to remember how to heal as a community. And why what’s critical.

I’ve given some thought lately to my own journey—my own experience in community. Because, for a long time, I didn’t quite have a community. I had pockets of support.

I had friends and family and Garrett. But it wasn’t until October 2014 that I joined a Facebook group called the “Woo Woo Crew” that I realized the power of community. It was a space where I could be myself totally and completely. And anything I was experimenting with—astrology, channeling, magic—was totally supported. No matter how far off the deep end I felt or how judged I feared I’d be, I was always supported.

When people disagreed, there was always an honoring of the other person’s humanity. Even when the fighting got heated. In fact, the main thing I noticed about that group was how much people honored one another always.

How much we helped each other. Kept each other accountable. Believed in each other until we were ready to believe in ourselves.

I’ve since moved on from that group, but I know without a doubt that I wouldn’t be doing the work that I’m doing now without it. I wouldn’t have had the space and support to explore my work. The Master Energies. The Brand Energies. And really surrender myself to all that it asked of me.

I said things in that group I never shared elsewhere. And I received more support from absolute strangers than I had from some of my friends. It was a safe space. Where I found myself.

Anyone who was in that group could tell you that it was automatically healing just being inside of it. The moment you entered, you knew. Because solid containers are healing. Relationships, jobs, friendships, homes, programs, even Facebook groups that are incredibly safe, solid, and supportive are simply temples for healing.

And healing cannot happen outside of containers. Healing cannot happen outside of relationships. We heal through our subjectivity. And relationships are where subjectivity exists.

We use or consume objects, but we exist in relationship with subjects.

It was with that fierce commitment to community that I decided to expand our work last week. I know that our work is absolutely life-changing to the hundreds of people who journey with us at the Sacred Circle and Sacred Mastermind levels. They know that sense of community in shocking ways. Where it’s safe to speak about sexual trauma for the first time ever. Where members will help you crowdfund your rent or support your move across country. Where you can say anything in the world without judgment.

But what about people who have not or cannot enter the work just yet? We hadn’t given them a safe place—a community.

So I’m so excited to announce we’ve expanded our team and hired Amy Bernier as Community Engagement Manager. In just a matter of days, she’s transforming the Sacred Branding™ Facebook group into that safe space for transformation. An engaged community that supports, holds space, and uplifts one another.

There’s no one in the world more brilliant than Amy at building relationships, fostering connection, and creating community. Amy’s been through the work for years in the Circle and Mastermind levels, and I’ve watched her transform in ways that are too shocking and humbling to even fully describe here.

Community matters. Healing doesn’t happen outside of relationships. It doesn’t happen outside of safe containers. And, above all, we’re really, really committed to creating those containers for everyone—regardless if you have started in the work or not.

Please join me in welcoming Amy to the team. And we’d love to have you join us in the Sacred Branding™ Facebook group if it feels right. There might be a little dance party coming to celebrate.

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