Does Being a Visionary Feel Complicated?

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Life as a visionary can feel really complicated.

There are all kinds of landmines to navigate.

Like being super sensitive to—and even affected by—other people’s emotions. And getting really excited about new ideas, but lacking total clarity around how to actually make it real.

Somehow things seem to flow easily for others but just don’t work out for us. We run into roadblocks and setbacks. And it’s easy to immediately go straight to our stories that we’re “too much” or “not enough.”

After all, those are stories we’ve heard our whole lives.

And somehow life just feels complicated.

And it’s so frustrating. Because all we want to do is help the world. Help others. Connect with a sense of purpose and share ourselves. Know that we have something special to offer.

Why does it have to be so complicated?

I know the feeling all too well. Through layers of “it’s not working again” and “my health issues are acting up” and “I can’t deal with the stress of this” and “I’m not good enough.”

I’ve seen dozens and dozens of visionaries burn out from the complications of life. Exhausted. Feeling like they’re worthless with nothing more to give.

I’ve burnt out, myself. Throwing myself a pity party that it’s just too hard. That it’d be so much easier if I were just satisfied with a mediocre life. One I didn’t love. One where I didn’t have to pursue my visions or connect with my art.

Because being a visionary feels too complicated.

But this past week, sitting on the beach in Aruba, watching the sunset as waves crashed upon the shore, I was struck by the simplicity of the scene.

There were people walking by. And dramatic conversations. And a whole bunch of distractions to pull me away from the moment.

And yet somehow I stayed focused on the simple beauty of a sun setting over the sea.

Because, at the end of the day, visions are simple. It’s life that gets complicated. Life, full of its glorious distractions and logistics and specificities and expectations.

But visions are never complicated. Visions are as simple and profound as a sun setting.

And the problem is we visionaries are really, really sensitive. We sense more of everything. So we’re really easily distracted.

We get so caught up in things like the technology we need and how we’re going to fill the program and what we expect it to look like that completely lose sight of the vision.

We forget why we’re doing this. We forget that there might be a simpler, easier way.

And there usually is. Because your vision is the truest part of yourself. If we started realizing that visions are facts. They’re not some pipedream. They’re a reality you’re tapping into. And bringing into form.

And we visionaries are the modern oracles. We’re able to see those visions of new realities, even if it takes us our lifetime to create them. Even if it looks nothing like we expected.

They’re very much real.

If I let all of the people and conversations and my own frantic thoughts pull me away from the sunset before me, I would have missed the miracle before me.

Just because the sun sets every evening makes it no less of a miracle. Just because we get a lot of excited ideas or see a lot of visions makes them no less of a miracle.

And we can be distracted from that miracle, and we can double-down and keep it simple.

I remember years ago when I first saw a vision of helping a group of visionaries connect with their genius. I didn’t know what it meant. Hell, I didn’t even think I had a genius and certainly didn’t know what it was.

How could I help them discover their genius if I didn’t know mine? I felt “not good enough” and “underqualified.” And I didn’t have fancy technology. Or even content yet. I literally had no idea what I’d be teaching.

I didn’t have a website. Or a way to market it. And I hadn’t been talking about it to date, so the people that followed me maybe weren’t fits.

I remember all of the distractions. And, trust me, they hardly go away the deeper I go into this work.

It felt overwhelming and complicated when I started to think about all of the pieces.

But the vision was so simple. Help a group of visionaries connect with their genius.

So I reached out to people whom I thought were visionaries. I cobbled together a Facebook group. I figured I’d come up with content as the program happened.

And I didn’t care if it was two people or 20. I didn’t care if I made a lot of money from it. Because I wasn’t ready to put any pressure on this vision.

It was like experimental art. We were just seeing if this could happen.

And, fascinatingly, that same content and same limited tech are what we use for the Sacred Circle today. Not much has changed.

It was a miracle then, and it’s a miracle today (especially since we’re starting a new Circle today).

Like the sunset, it just happened. Mostly when I got out of the way and let the vision do its thing. Without making it really complicated.

And, if it didn’t work, I could have gotten together local friends whom I considered visionaries and talked. I could have created a Facebook challenge. I could have created millions of things.

It didn’t matter. It didn’t matter if it took me three years to fund. Or if I needed more support.

All that mattered was I had a vision, and it was real. And it’s kind of as simple as that.

It’s far too easy to let life complicate it all. And to feel so overwhelmed and distracted and confused.

Believe me, I feel it all the time. I know.

But, if we can just reconnect with that vision and simplify whatever it is we feel called to do, then we can finally let go of all the distractions, specificities, and expectations.

And, chances are, it’s all a lot easier than we think.

Chances are we’re already “good enough,” we already “know enough,” we are already in the right place.

And it might look nothing like we expected. But it will be a miracle all the same.


Questions for Reflection:

*Answer in a journal, in the comments right here, or take it over to the Sacred Branding® Facebook group where we can support one another:

Does being a visionary feel complicated?

— Does your vision feel challenging or complicated? Do you ever wonder if you’re “good enough” or if you have the right technology or message or people to sign up? Do you doubt yourself because things haven’t worked out in the past?

— Do you sometimes get so wrapped up in the expectations, specifics, and logistics that you sometimes forget the overarching vision or why you’re even doing this?

— What if all you had to do was stay focused on the vision and know that it’s real, even if it feels impossible or complicated right now?

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