Do You Struggle to Share Your Vision With the World?

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For a long time, I don’t think I really understood what it meant to cultivate a vision.

My sensitive visionary soul had been so influenced by the world around me to be productive. And do. And strive and struggle and hustle.

I wanted to prove that I was “good enough.” That I wasn’t “too emotional” or “too sensitive.”

So I pushed just as hard as the next person. I tried to jam that vision straight into the world. Pushing it to fit when it didn’t quite.

And any time that pushing didn’t automatically succeed, I’d tell myself that I was a failure. That I was wrong. “Too much” and “not enough” again. Something was wrong with me.

I had no sense of tenderness. Of the understanding that a vision is the truest, most sensitive, most tender part of ourselves. It’s the connection point between our individual desires and the greater role we play in the tapestry of life.

It can’t be jammed and pushed and hustled. If I ever did that to my plants or my dogs, they’d be in pretty rough shape.

I don’t flood my plants with water. Or scream at them when they’re not growing fast enough. Or call them “too sensitive” when they’re burning from too much light.

I care for them. I cultivate them.

It’s pretty sad when we treat our plants and our homes and maybe even our clothes better than we treat our visions—the truest part of ourselves.

And tender cultivation isn’t just being gentle. It’s also being conscious of how we’re feeling when we come into the work.

Because if I’m stressed or exhausted or frustrated already, I’m way more likely to snap at my dogs if they do something I don’t like. So it’s kind of my job to manage my emotions as best I can, so that I can be the best parent I can be.

Maybe that means sleeping a little more. Or eating a little better. Or taking five minutes for myself. Or starting a morning routine. Or journaling. Or exercising. Or meditating.

It could mean literally anything. It could mean seeing a therapist or just venting to a friend.

But I’m a hell of a lot more likely to snap at my vision when “things don’t go right” if I’m already feeling out of whack.

When we realize our vision is sacred, we change the way we interact with it.

No longer is it just something we can rush and cram and struggle with. It’s kind of like going to a sacred temple. I’m not going to sprint up the stairs, barge in, and start bossing people around.

I’m going to take my time. Maybe mentally and emotionally prepare. Honor what a sacred experience this is. And then enter and fully receive the experience.

And that changes everything.

Because pursuit of your vision automatically transforms us into a higher version of ourselves.

I can no longer write this blog when I’m stressed, so I have to do things like meditate and journal beforehand. And I can no longer jump on a Sacred Circle call without checking in my emotions first.

And, little by little, we start transforming.

Now, this doesn’t mean we can’t pursue our vision today—even if we’re totally stressed. It doesn’t mean we’re not good enough—again. Or that we need to change ourselves.

It simply means a vision is sacred. And just like we’d do to interact with anything sacred, we’d create some rituals around it.

We’re just building a stronger “container” for our vision. Just like we might build in quality time with our partners. Or reading time with our kids. Or walks with our dogs.

The containers don’t tell us our wrong. In fact, the containers (the good ones, anyway) allow us to be more of who we already are.

What we haven’t allowed ourselves to see in a while.

The only reason a vision ever fails to grow is that it doesn’t have a strong container.

That’s it. Period.

Think of the magnitude of that sentence.

The only reason a vision ever fails to grow is that it doesn’t have a strong container.

Visions want to grow. They want to be shared. They want to be alive.

Just like plants. If given a fighting chance, they’ll grow naturally. All they need is a little water and sunshine and nutrients and love. And they just start growing.

Our visions want to grow. But, if we were forcing and pushing and shoving our plants, they probably wouldn’t grow well, either. If we were withholding water until they grew better and showed us they deserved it, they probably wouldn’t do so well.

Our visions can’t grow without tenderness. They can’t grow without sacredness. They can’t grow when we’re bringing frantic, stressed out energy to them all the time.

But they can grow when we create safe containers for them. When we lean into them and ask what they need. When we honor that they’re really, really sacred. And they might not grow in ways we wanted or expected. And they might not grow on our timeline.

And all of that is okay. Just like a plant, they have a life inside of them. And, given a fighting chance, they’ll grow and show us that life naturally.

As visionaries, we have the noble and challenging task of being the cultivators of these visions. Of being so in tune with them, even if we can’t see them just yet. We can feel them. We know we’re here for something big.

And maybe we get glimpses of that genius every now and then. Maybe we’ve done Sacred Branding® to get even more clarity about it.

But we are cultivators. And we have to decide how we want to cultivate our visions to life.

We have to honor the sacredness in every vision. The tenderness. The fact that they are real and big and powerful, even when it seems more imagination than anything else.

We have to believe that we are visionaries. We are geniuses. And we have all the skills we need to grow these visions, even if we don’t feel like it right now.

Because, once we’re there, everything just starts growing naturally.

And you never for a second doubt your genius—or your vision—again.


Questions for Reflection:

*Answer in a journal, in the comments right here, or take it over to the Sacred Branding® Facebook group where we can support one another:

Do you struggle to share your vision with the world?

– Do you feel like you just need to push harder and do more to get your vision out there? Are you so frustrated that maybe your business isn’t taking off or your art isn’t selling or your personal growth isn’t happening fast enough?

— Are you sometimes stressed or frantic when you think about or engage with your vision? Do you sometimes wish you could just yell at it to become clearer or grow faster?

— What if you thought of your vision like you do your plants or pets or children? What if you trusted that your vision has its own life and intelligence and, given a fighting chance, it’ll grow naturally? What if you started seeing yourself as a cultivator for your vision? What would change? What would you do differently?

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