Do You Have This Fantasy of Being Saved From Your Life, Too?

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I’ve always had this fantasy of being saved. Like Harry Potter.

Where my life was some dreary mistake and no one knew who I really was underneath. Hell, I didn’t even know who I really was underneath.

And then something would happen. Somewhere would recognize me. And I’d be saved. I’d step into this fantastic, abundant life where everything would just happen for me.

I don’t think I realized how long I held onto this secret desire.

Every course I took or book I read, I thought—this is the thing. Everything’s going to be different now.

When I left my PR business and started this new solo business, I thought that all of my problems were just going to magically go away.

Every time I launched a program, I thought—this is it. Now I’ll now have to worry about money again. The floodgates are finally opening.

I can’t tell you how many times I’ve gotten so excited and said, “This is it—I can feel everything is different now.”

And, when it didn’t work out, I’d jump to the next thing. And the next thing. Determined to find the way to being saved.

In fact, wanting to be saved felt a lot like wanting to escape. Because I felt imprisoned by my life.

And I thought that, if the circumstances just changed, my life would be complete. If I just had a lot more money or more clients or whatever random goal I desired, I’d be fulfilled.

Except—spoiler alert—I did that. I worked so hard that I burnt myself out. And I had the ridiculously successful business. I signed the book deal. I got the dream clients.

And nothing really changed. I just didn’t have to deal with money stress. But I never felt more fulfilled.

Because the circumstances changed, but I didn’t. I still saw myself as wrong. As “too much.” As “not enough.”

I was still playing by everyone else’s rules. Trying to win their game. Where I have to tone down half of myself and bolster up the other half.

It was an outside-in approach. Where I assumed that being given the outside circumstances would make me become the person I really was inside.

And, honestly, it just made me feel more ashamed and alone that nothing ever works.

It’s easy for us visionaries to just want the outside world to transform before us.

I mean, how many times have we thought that if we just figured out Facebook ads or course creation or art popups, we’d finally be saved? That we wouldn’t have to strive and struggle anymore?

That we’d finally feel like ourselves. And be fulfilled.

Except, if our pathway to get there is any less than knowing we are geniuses and living only by our genius, then chances are we won’t be any more fulfilled when we finally get whatever we struggled for.

But it still didn’t stop me from wanting to be saved. Swearing that investing in this technology or this new project would be the perfect thing.

And then wanting to give up completely when it failed again.

Never really building momentum. Because I never had the conviction to power through setbacks, since all I really wanted was to be saved.

It’s ironic because we’re geniuses and yet we live our lives thinking we’re wrong and broken and fucked up.

We desperately want something to save us when we don’t realize we’re the superheroes with the vision to change the world.

We can save ourselves.

When we know our genius, we can save ourselves.

We become the superheroes our 12-year-old selves needed. Vindicating the pain, trauma, and shame we experienced earlier in life.

Trying to find your worth and power in arbitrary circumstances is a fool’s errand. It’s like just praying to win the lottery—and then praying that will magically solve every single problem in our lives.

But starting with that knowing of our genius and building lives around it, well, that’s incredibly easy. And inherently fulfilling.

Because we know who we are. We know what will fill us up. And we don’t need saving anymore.

Because we just saved ourselves.

We’re the heroes we’ve always wanted to save us. We’re the motherfucking heroes we’ve been waiting for.

We’re visionaries, remember. We saw the vision. And we’re never wrong. We did see ourselves being saved. We just didn’t believe in ourselves enough to know that we were the ones saving ourselves.

And we will. With our genius. We just have to believe we have it and know exactly what it is.

Today, I get to live a life that my 12-year-old self never would have believed in. A life that explains and validates all of the pain, trauma, and shame I felt for so long. A life that didn’t just pop out of the sky and mask my problems—but one that I built from the ground up.

On the foundation of my genius.

A life where we’re still cutting off or minimizing our “too much”-ness can never satisfy us. A life where we’re still seeking for the outside world to save us is never going to help us know how powerful we actually are.

You are a visionary. You are an artist. You are a genius.

You have a gift inside of you that will change the world—starting with your own.

You are the only saving you will ever need. And it starts with knowing your genius with absolute certainty and surrounding yourself with people who can reflect it to you over and over again until you can start to believe it.

Geniuses have superpowers. We can bend time, attract money, magnetize our tribe, and summon up more energy. We can create everything we think we need to be happy.

But only if we start with our genius first.


Questions for Reflection:

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Do you have this fantasy of being saved from your life, too?

— Have you ever gotten really excited about a new course, book, job, project, or relationship and thought that everything will be different from here? Have you ever secretly wished someone would just come in and save you from your life, or you’d magically start attracting in way more money?

— Have you ever felt like you’d be so much happier and fulfilled if your life magically changed? Have ever you wished for a superhero to come and save you?

— What if you are your own superhero? What if you are a genius, and your genius holds the exact abilities to transform your life? What if all you have to do is connect with your genius and build a life from that place?

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