Do You Actually Take Yourself Seriously?

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For a long time, I didn’t take myself seriously.

I never thought of myself as a serious artist or serious entrepreneur or serious visionary. That was for other people. People who had their shit together.

And there I was—“too much” and “not enough.”

Too imaginative. Too optimistic. Too naïve. Too excited. Too hopeful.

Not determined enough. Not disciplined enough. Not talented enough. Not good enough.

See, the trouble with being a visionary is we see these big visions. And they’re huge. They’re monumental. And, even though they feel so real to us—as real as anything we can touch and feel—there’s a huge part of us that just doesn’t take them seriously.

That I’m going to start my own business? That I’m going to get a book deal? That I’m going to run group programs? Or hire teammates? Or actually make a difference in the world?

Sounds great. Even feels real. But, truthfully, it seems more like a pipedream.

I spent so much time in my life fighting against something. Proving myself. Justifying why I’m not wrong. Why I’m not “too much” or “not enough.”

I did everything to prove that I can—to others and to myself. Even when I failed. It was the fear of failure that got me back up.

But I hadn’t had much experience fighting for something. Not because I needed to prove that I was good enough. But starting from the baseline that I was already good enough. And taking myself seriously.

There’s a big difference in fighting against something versus fighting for something. Because, in the former, we’ll spend the rest of our lives trying to prove we’re actually “good enough,” whereas, in the latter, we get out of our own way and get down to work.

And I was way too caught up in feeling wrong to take myself seriously enough to do the work.

What we visionaries need to understand is that our vision is everything. It’s real. It’s maybe the most real thing in our lives.

While our thoughts and stories and even desires are influenced by other people, our visions are the one thing that is purely us. An expression of our soul.

And it’s very, very real. It demands being taken seriously.

It’s so easy to trick ourselves into thinking we’re taking ourselves seriously. Because we live in a productivity-obsessed culture, we assume that always being busy is the same as taking ourselves seriously.

We think constantly working—constantly creating—somehow means that we’re serious about this.

But, if we’re creating only to prove we’re not wrong—to fight against something—then we’re not really building momentum. We’re just desperately trying to convince ourselves that we’re good enough.

And moving on to the next opportunity to prove we’re good enough too.

Visions are pure. They’re the purest part of ourselves. They’re what comes forward when we stop fighting and start allowing our natural genius to flow.

You are a visionary. You are a genius. You are an artist.

There’s nothing you have to do to become a genius. You already are one. Genius is your default state. And, without the stories that you’re “not enough” or “too much,” that genius naturally flows.

Taking ourselves seriously feels like doing whatever we need to do to share our vision with the world. Because the world deserves it. And so do we.

It means acting out of love. Every single time.

Maybe it looks like setting boundaries with some people. Or starting a morning exercise routine. Or having an honest look at our finances. Or having the hard conversation with that person.

Not because we’re proving something. Not because we think we need to change to be better. But simply because that’s what the vision needs.

It’s not fighting against something. It’s fighting for it.

It’s choosing love. Again and again and again.

If we take our visions seriously—if we believe that the crazy, ridiculous, out-of-the-box vision is real—then we’ll automatically take ourselves seriously.

Because our visions are the truest part of ourselves. They’re the idealized form of who we are.

If we can just hold on and know that, yes, it’s possible. Yes, it’s real. Yes, I’m good enough already. Then we become that person.

Because pursuit of our vision strips away all of our bullshit stories and influences and makes us see the genius that has been there the whole time.

It’s really easy for us visionaries to not take ourselves seriously. To think that we have to change and get better and improve and finally be good enough to pursue our visions.

We’ve spent a lifetime learning that we’re wrong. And we just have to prove ourselves. We just have to do more. Be more productive. Be smarter and stronger and faster and better.

But we wouldn’t even have access to our visions if they weren’t already a part of us—if we didn’t already have the genius to create them in the world.

When we take ourselves seriously, we might still exercise more or read more books or eat healthier. But it’s not because we think we need to “be better.” It’s because we love ourselves enough to gift ourselves what we need.

We’re not fighting against something anymore. We’re fighting for something. We’re fighting for love.

Our visions are love. Pure love.

And, every day that we get up and take our visions seriously, we’re loving the tenderest, most sensitive parts of ourselves. The parts that have been shamed and disregarded as “too much” and “not enough.”

Taking ourselves serious is declaring with conviction that we are lovable. As all of ourselves. Not just the parts that fit perfectly in the boxes society gives us.

We are lovable. We are worthy. We matter. We are capable.

And, above all, we are geniuses. Visionary fucking geniuses. With a gift to share with the world.

And we love the world too goddamn much to deprive it of our genius. We love ourselves too goddamn much to deprive ourselves of that genius, too.

When we take our visions seriously and know that they’re real, we fall in love with ourselves.

And genius only ever flows from love.


Questions for Reflection:

*Answer in a journal, in the comments right here, or take it over to the Sacred Branding® Facebook group where we can support one another:

Do you actually take yourself seriously?

— Do you ever feel like you are always busy but somehow not building momentum toward your vision? Do you feel like you’re not even clear on what your vision is, or that the glimpses you’ve gotten feel sort of impossible from where you are right now?

— Do you feel like you’ve spent so much time in your life proving that you’re capable and good enough? Do you tell yourself that if you were just more disciplined or determined, and less imaginative, that you could accomplish your goals?

— What if taking yourself seriously means knowing that your vision is real? What if it means knowing that you are already a genius? What if taking yourself seriously is about fighting for your vision, and making every decision out of love?

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