Why Deep Connection Will Transform Your Business (and Life)

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When I was in high school, I had a joke nickname: “the deep talk slut.” Born from the fact that at every single party I seemed to end up in an intense, emotional, long conversation with one person. Only to be seen doing the same with another person at the next party.

I couldn’t help it. I would just casually be hanging out at a party. And the next thing I knew, I was intensely analyzing someone’s fear of intimacy and talking about my own vulnerabilities.

Not much has changed today.

But, yesterday, as my weekly conversation with my friend and Community Manager Sherri stretched to three and a half hours—covering everything from politics to Sacred Circle work to emotional shifts in our lives—I realized that this deep level of connection isn’t just something I do; it’s who I am. Without it, I’d shrivel up and die. I need it like the oxygen in my lungs.

I need connection.

As a solo entrepreneur, I spend a good chunk of my day alone. In fact, in the winter, it’s entirely possible for me to not leave my house all day. Or, if I’m being more honest, for multiple days.

Without Sherri, without supportive friends, I’d probably shrivel up and die. I certainly couldn’t further the work on my own. Because how could I? Without those soul-nourishing talks that expand my ideas, my work, and my heart, I’d be stalled in my own spiral of aloneness.

We spiritual entrepreneurs are energetically sensitive. We’re the ones who were always “too much.” Too intense. Too deep. Too emotional. Too sensitive. Because we cut straight through the bullshit. We don’t care “how are you?” We want to know how you are. We want to go real, go deep. Get to the root of everything.

And that means we need connection.

By far the most necessary component of a successful business I’ve seen is connection. Whether it’s hiring a coach, joining a mastermind, connecting with a friend, or being in a powerful online group, connection is critical to our work. It’s why we’re doing this deep work in the first place. Without it, we’d shrivel up.

It’s why the Sacred Circle (and obviously the Sacred Mastermind) is so focused on masterminding. On going deeper. And allowing deep powerful conversations. In fact, in the Circle, we have a Mastermind Call every single week. To give people a chance to voice the deep stuff. The stuff that they can’t say anywhere else. And that’s where the real breakthroughs happen.

It’s why Sherri and I have two calls per week and talk for hours and hours. Because we expand the work through bringing our own trauma and drama forward. And bringing it into the work. Looking at how our own stuff fits into the work. And can become creative tension, creative fuel, to further the work.

Connection reminds us that we’re interdependent. That we’re One. One Divine Being. That we need each other. And love is real. And support is powerful. And we matter.

It reminds us that who we are is perfect. And necessary. And someone else sees that and loves it and thinks it’s stunningly beautiful.

It makes us feel seen and heard and worthy. And, most of all, it makes us feel okay. That nothing is ever wrong with us. That every desire, experience, or moment was okay. That, hell, maybe I am a ‘deep talk slut.’ But that’s what makes me so amazing.

We all need connection. We need a place where we can talk about our work and take it further. We need a place where we can be vulnerable and confess what scares us. We need a place where we can allow ourselves to show up fully. A container that can truly contain all of us.

That’s what connection is about. Us showing up fully and being seen. And seeing another show up fully too. And knowing the Divinity in all of that.

If you had dozens of people who you could say anything to, who could see you fully, and who would be absolutely raving fans of your work, what would be different for you? What could you create? What could you feel? What could you do?

With connection, everything can shift before your eyes.

Are you ready to shift?

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