What Does Branding Have to Do With Life Purpose?

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Branding and life purpose.

The very first thing I say in any Sacred Circle is that everyone has a secret shortcut to Divinity. A kind of hidden door that they can open, and it’ll lead them to their Truth the fastest. To understanding the secrets of life. It’s what many of us refer to as a ‘life purpose.’

For me, that’s branding.

I love to witness people’s reactions when they first hear about my work. For some, it sounds too formulaic and like “another business coach who’s helping me with branding.” For others, it sounds quite the opposite—esoteric, spiritual, and intangible. And, for others still, it’s just confusing. What the hell does branding have to do with life purpose?

I remember working in PR, I’d have so many brilliant clients come in with state-of-the-art web design but have no idea what to say in an interview. Or they’d have perfect messaging but couldn’t get their corporate culture together. Or they’d have a happy company but couldn’t make the right business decisions. No matter how talented the web designers or branding experts were, it’d only cover one aspect of the business.

Because they were looking at a manifestation of the brand and not the energy itself.

The most critical distinction that we study in my work is that between a container and an essence. It can be life-changing. Because everything we see—everything manifested—is simply a container. Relationships, business offerings, corporate culture, business decisions, website, copy—these are all containers. To house and express some kind of essence.

If we know what the essence is, we can make the right containers.

Even a business as a whole is a container. We’re only doing this work because we want something in life. Some meaning, some purpose. Because everything we do is part of why we’re here. Because we can’t escape our life purpose. Because we are our life purpose. It’s not something we can achieve. It’s who we are. It’s a unique lens through which we filter the Universe. A subjective perspective only we have.

So how can branding not be about life purpose? Branding is just the energy, the essence, that we express to the world. It’s the guiding principle behind every single decision we make. From the way our website looks, to the way we speak on stages, to our messaging, to who we hire. In fact, we’re only doing these things to make people feel our branding.

Trying to do it outside-in is backwards. We always need to start from the brand and manifest from there.

Look at a company like Apple. People love their minimalist branding, but why? Because it makes us feel something. Because these ideals of Elegant and Simple and Sleek and Intuitive run through everything they do. From product design to marketing to even business decisions. None of it’s all that complex. It’s all Elegant and Simple and Sleek and Intuitive.

Good branding isn’t just about web design. Yes, that’s one important container to manifest it. But it’s about an energetic current that runs through a business.

Every day, I get up and ask myself how I can share my Aligned, Successful, Zany, Free, Unmistakable, and Vulnerable energies with the world. When I’m thinking about investing in my business, I ask what’s the one thing that will help me express those energies more than anything else. When I’m designing an offering, I look to how I can make those energies manifested in the world. My photographer and web designer are very familiar with those energies, and we brainstorm how to use colors, imagery, and lighting to make people feel them.

Because good branding hits you on a subconscious level. Theoretically, we only need buy-in one time. If someone falls in love with even one blost post, theoretically, they will love everything we do. It doesn’t mean they’ll buy everything from us. But they’ll fall in love. Because it’s all built on the same energy.

Containers are just ways for us to transmit that energy. When we know what we’re sharing, we can build everything off of the same energy. An that energy is our life purpose.

Building a business can be Soul expansion. It can be Soul expression. It can be us stepping into who we are and living out our life purpose.

That’s why, to me, branding is deeply intertwined with life purpose. That’s why it’s my secret shortcut to Divinity.

The only question we ever need to answer—in business or otherwise—is quite simply: Who are you, and how do you share that with the world? It’s what can guide every decision we make.

Branding answers that question for me. Every single time.

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