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How I Built a Business Around Everything I’m Bad At

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I’m not good at lots of things. I’m not good at making small talk. Or having conversations that aren’t super deep. Or meeting new people. Or building out organized frameworks. Or preparing and scheduling e-mails and social media posts. Or finding pretty much anything in a pantry. Or going grocery shopping and sticking to a […]

Why I Don’t Do One-on-One Work

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I don’t do any one-on-one work. I haven’t for years. (Well, except for opening up to two Sacred Branding™ sessions a month when I want to.) All the time, prospective or current clients ask to do one-on-one work. If I could work through the Sacred Circle with them and support them in unpacking their Brand […]

Money Is Not Just About Self-Worth

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We need to have a conversation about money that extends beyond self-worth. Every conversation in entrepreneurship is about self-worth. How you’re not “charging what you’re worth.” How you need to raise your rates. How you’re not “valuing yourself.” How you need to be having “10K” months. It’s pervasive. That seemingly standardized conversation about money. Like […]

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