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Why Do I Write?

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“Why do you write?” Maybe seven or eight years ago, I started reading books on writing. I was feeling called to unearth a passion that I hardly did in my leisure time anymore at the time. And I remember one book—whose name escapes me now—asking me that exact question: “Why do you write?” Because that […]

Art Is Never Linear, But It’s Always on Purpose

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Art is never linear. I think about how my days are structured. To some, maybe it’s inefficient or unproductive. I never schedule anything before 11am EST. And I never work later then 5pm EST (except for our Sacred Circle Mastermind Calls on Wednesdays, when Garrett keeps his clinic open late). And I rarely have more […]

What Containers Have to Do with Social Class, Race, and Sexual Orientation

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We’re in the Create energy in the Mastermind—and in the current Circle this week, for that matter. And I’ve become a voracious reader. Since Friday, I’ve read two books and am halfway through my third. I’ve been fascinated—obsessed even—with topics such as social class and changing class dynamics, racism and structural oppression, and trauma and […]

I Was Ashamed to Be Creative

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Tomorrow night, we’re hosting a murder mystery. It’s something I haven’t done since college. But my sister gave us the idea as a potential New Year’s Eve plan, since this was our first New Year’s not in Aruba in many years. Unfortunately, we weren’t able to pull it together in time for New Year’s. And […]

Why Creation Isn’t Dead — And the Myth of Balance

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I don’t like the word ‘balance.’ I never really have. Because there’s this static connotation to it, for me. Like I’ve achieved it finally, and now I’m good forever. Like it’s this linear path that I’ve just got to get to. And that’s never been my experience. Homeostasis feels more accurate to me. Because it’s […]

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