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I Didn’t Realize How Broken and Screwed Up I Felt

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“At the end of the day—more than anything else—it just makes you realize that you’re okay. And I don’t think I realized how ‘not okay’ I felt until that moment.” It’s something Sherri said once—and continues to say—about the Sacred Circle. It’s something I’ve ever felt more deeply than maybe anything else. Beyond the powerful […]

How I Met Garrett — It Wasn’t Love-at-First-Sight

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Some people’s relationship is love-at-first-sight. My relationship with Garrett…wasn’t. I remember the very first time I met Garrett. It somehow seems dangerously telling about our relationship. It was freshman year of college, and we lived on the same floor of a dorm, though we hadn’t met. The entire dorm floor was playing Assassin—a game where […]

How Cirque du Soleil Revealed My Purpose to Me

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Friday night, I went to a Cirque du Soleil show with Garrett’s co-workers. It was called Luzia: a waking dream of Mexico. How fitting for the fact that we are exploring Discover and Repression in the Mastermind right now. Light and darkness. Dreams. Asleep and awake. Exploring light and its relationship to the other elements. […]

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