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Embodying Your Work

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I spent the last two days in Salem, MA. For the Summer Solstice. Going to metaphysical shops. Buying crystals. Teaching my family about pendulums. Eating gluten-free pizza and buying cookies at a gluten-free bakery. Playing games until late into the night. Setting powerful intentions for the future. A few years ago, this was not the […]

Love, Connection, and Why I’m Not Just Marrying Garrett

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Saturday was our I Do BBQ. After months of planning, coordinating, shopping, making, creating, and setting up, it finally arrived. When we first started planning it, we expected it to be a simple party—an at-home reception to casually celebrate our upcoming marriage. To celebrate with all of our extended friends and family. And to help […]

How Strong Are Your Containers?

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Saturday is our ‘I Do BBQ.’ I’m off for the day tomorrow to finalize all of the details. In fact, we’ve been working on little projects like favors, welcome bags, and the signature cocktail every night this week. And it’s gotten me thinking a lot about the little details. There are a lot. Last night, […]

How Do You Embody Your Life Purpose?

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Embodiment and the way to be your life purpose. If you’ve read this blog long enough, you know that I don’t believe that life purpose is linear, like something you can achieve. It’s not something you’re supposed to do or fulfill or create. Because it doesn’t follow that linear framework at all. It’s cyclical. It’s […]

How to Stop Resisting and Step Into Ease

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Ease and resistance. Last year, I learned a lot about ease. In April 2016, I was planning a secret trip to Italy to propose and hiding thousands and thousands of dollars from Garrett to plan it. I was secretly traveling down to Pennsylvania to ask for Garrett’s parents’ blessing and pretending I was at a […]

What Does It Mean to Express Yourself?

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Last night, Garrett and I faced the daunting task of creating a playlist for the I Do BBQ. At least eight hours of music to create the right mood for our Southern-inspired backyard wedding reception. The soundtrack to our love life. How we present ourselves to the world. It’s no surprise that I also started […]

Why You Might Have Money & Receiving Problems

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The difference between martyrdom and equal energy exchange. Last night, in my Sacred Circle, we had our Value Mastermind Call and talked all about how we’re integrating that energy. To be honest, it’s a big trigger week for most of us. It brings up a lot of issues about self-worth, Divinity, and money shame. Sometimes, […]