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On the Edge of a Great Adventure

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In a few hours, I’m headed for the airport and leaving for Israel for my honeymoon. For the next 12 days, I’ll be exploring sacred sites, tasting delicious food, learning more about ancient and modern conflicts, and showing Garrett a place that has been so important to me. It’s weird and surreal to be leaving […]

My Secret to Success Has Nothing to Do With “Working Hard”

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I probably wouldn’t have started a business if it weren’t for Garrett. And I probably wouldn’t be running nine Circles or facilitating the Sacred Mastermind or even letting the work expand to what it’s becoming if it weren’t for Sherri. And I probably wouldn’t have begun working with Sherri—or even proposed to Garrett—if it weren’t […]

What’s the Happiest Moment of Your Life?

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Whenever someone asks me to imagine the happiest moment of my life, I always think of the same story. It’s my old fall-back. It was Halloween day, and I was a freshman in college. And it was still warm enough to sit outside on a bench and read. So I grabbed the book I was […]

Why Do I Write?

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“Why do you write?” Maybe seven or eight years ago, I started reading books on writing. I was feeling called to unearth a passion that I hardly did in my leisure time anymore at the time. And I remember one book—whose name escapes me now—asking me that exact question: “Why do you write?” Because that […]

Art Is Never Linear, But It’s Always on Purpose

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Art is never linear. I think about how my days are structured. To some, maybe it’s inefficient or unproductive. I never schedule anything before 11am EST. And I never work later then 5pm EST (except for our Sacred Circle Mastermind Calls on Wednesdays, when Garrett keeps his clinic open late). And I rarely have more […]

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