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Is ‘Self-Care’ Overhyped? Why Knowing Yourself Matters More

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Self-care. We hear it all the time. What are we doing to care for ourselves? How are we nourishing ourselves and treating ourselves well. Counter to the never enough” productivity culture, the self-care movement is one focused on treating yourself well in this moment, regardless of whatever external milestones you’ve accomplished. Meditation, yoga, massages, baths, […]

What Do You Do If Your Dreams Are Impossible?

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I always wanted a job that was really more of a healing modality. Something that gave to me just as much—if not more—than I gave out. Something that forced me to become more of myself. To go deeper into myself. And to heal any wounds I’ve been carrying around. I always wanted a job that […]

The Important Medicine of Connection

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I spend my days having real conversations—with clients, with colleagues, with friends, even with relative strangers. I can’t help myself but talk about things that matter to me. I’ve been known to be in the corner unpacking someone’s sexual assault within 10 minutes of meeting them. Pretty regularly, I grab people by the shoulders, look […]

My Entire Life Used to Be Filled with Fear

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Fear. I remember this one day when I first started my business—I was literally days into being a solo entrepreneur. And a friend told me that my website was so terrible that no one would ever take me seriously. I was overwhelmed. I didn’t know what to do or how to do it. Hell, I […]

Going Back to Where It All Began Three Years Ago

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Tonight, we head to Denver for a week. Garrett has a conference there—the same conference we attend every June. The last time this conference was in Denver was exactly three years ago. I remember exactly where I was at the time. My book had recently been released, and I was exhausted from a book tour […]

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