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Do You Feel the Holiday Magic?

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Maybe I’m still on a high from our Aruba wedding and my surprise 30th birthday. Or maybe I’ve just seen one too many holiday movies. But I can’t deny the magical feeling I always get this time of year. On Sunday—just off my surprise birthday party on Friday and our first holiday party of the […]

Why an Authentic Life Takes Revolutionary Acts of Art

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I’m taking it slow. For the past few days—just coming off a stomach bug and trying to re-orient myself after two weeks away—I’ve slept in. And I’ve done less work than usual. And I’ve given myself more free time. And more conversations with friends. And more internal processing. And I’ve taken it slow. I’ll admit […]

My Last Words to You Before I Leave for Aruba

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When I was little and sleeping at my grandparents’ house on December 31, my parents would always say the same corny line: “See you next year.” It always struck me because it was only a day. And yet it really was a new year. It felt like so much could change in just one night […]

The Simple Way I Changed My Life

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This morning, I woke from over nine hours of sleep feeling incredibly rested. And I paused and reflected on how amazing that is—how that much sleep totally changes my emotional stability, my patience, my energy levels, and my productivity during the day. Now, this wasn’t an anomaly for me. I get nine or so hours […]

How Getting Married Already Changed My Business

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I got legally married on Friday. The ceremony was beautiful—at my favorite park, overlooking the skyline of the whole city at sunset. It’s a special place to me. The site of where the first American flag was raised. It’s a park that I walk to and meditate at almost weekly. It’s where I’ve had so […]