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Why Is It So Challenging to Discover Your Purpose?

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I spent a long time in my life unclear about my purpose. I’d join webinars, buy courses, hire healers, and read books, all promising me to know my purpose. And it always went one of two ways: I was left with something incredibly broad and vague, like “your purpose is to love” or “your purpose […]

Rain, Catharsis, and the Cycles of Life

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I’m listening to the rain beat down on the skylights above my head right now. And I’m thinking a lot about the torrent of water that comes in a rainstorm. Tomorrow, inevitably, will be a beautiful sunny day without a cloud in the sky. For all the clouds are raining down upon us now. I’m […]

Who Would You Be Without Your Stories and Conditioning?

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I’ve been feeling quiet and inward lately. In the Sacred Mastermind, we’ve welcomed in the Express energy for April. And, almost immediately, we all began unpacking our own identity, communities, and social conditioning. The stories—or programming—of who we are. And what aligns with our inherent subjectivity and what doesn’t. Simultaneously, I’ve been going through a […]

Unfettered Expression and the Power of Deconditioning

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Unfettered expression. We’ve been thinking a lot about unfettered expression in our Sacred Mastermind. What some might call channeling. Or simply authentic expression without the stories and beliefs we’ve been conditioned to. I’ve always been fortunate to be a quick writer. Never to turn down a fun invitation, I remember once in college going to […]

What Happened When My Mom Decided to Become My Student

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Yesterday, I had the amazing experience of being interviewed by a recent Sacred Circle journeyer (which will be out later this month, so stay tuned). What I didn’t know—or maybe didn’t remember—when we get on the call, was that the first time she had ever interacted with Sacred Circle material, she had a Post-It taped […]

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