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Are You Really Good at Following the Rules?

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I’m a really good student. I’m exceptional at memorizing facts. I’m fantastic at figuring out what a teacher wants from me. But, most of all, I’m really, really good at following the rules. I’ve always been a good student. In school, at work, in relationships, in running a business, even with spirituality. If I take […]

Does Your Reality Match Up to Your Vision?

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I have a problem. I’ve had this problem my entire life. I’ll get so excited about something and go all-in on it. I can see the vision with total and absolute clarity. I know for a fact that this is something I’m supposed to do. Something that is going to be amazing. And then it […]

Does Your Life Fit You Like a Glove?

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I used to think I was above fashion. Like somehow not caring about how I looked made me a better person. I even bragged about how I spent money on important things like travel and food and experiences, and rarely on clothes. Because I just wasn’t that materialistic. And then I ran my first Sacred […]

How Do You Know If You’re a Visionary?

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I never thought I was a visionary. Why would I? It felt like a visionary was way too big to claim. A visionary was someone who shared their genius. Who had their shit together. Who was recognized and celebrated for all of their success. And I…wasn’t. In fact, all I felt was confused and lost […]

What Do You Need to Feel Safe to See Your Genius?

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I close my eyes to feel safe. Sometimes, when I’m saying something big and powerful, I close my eyes. Sometimes when I’m channeling down wisdom, I close my eyes. Sometimes, when I’m dancing by myself in front of a camera, I close my eyes. I close my eyes to feel safe. Because I know that […]

What Could You Do If You Were Totally Safe?

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I didn’t always feel safe. I remember being little. And, just before getting in the shower, I’d also sit on the toilet and wrap myself in my towel. With the fan on and the shower running. All of those sounds and the warm steam filling the room. And the comfort of a towel wrapped around […]


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