My Last Words to You Before I Leave for Aruba

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When I was little and sleeping at my grandparents’ house on December 31, my parents would always say the same corny line: “See you next year.” It always struck me because it was only a day. And yet it really was a new year. It felt like so much could change in just one night […]

The Simple Way I Changed My Life

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This morning, I woke from over nine hours of sleep feeling incredibly rested. And I paused and reflected on how amazing that is—how that much sleep totally changes my emotional stability, my patience, my energy levels, and my productivity during the day. Now, this wasn’t an anomaly for me. I get nine or so hours […]

How Getting Married Already Changed My Business

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I got legally married on Friday. The ceremony was beautiful—at my favorite park, overlooking the skyline of the whole city at sunset. It’s a special place to me. The site of where the first American flag was raised. It’s a park that I walk to and meditate at almost weekly. It’s where I’ve had so […]

I’m Getting Married Today

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Today, I’m getting married—legally married, that is. Although we won’t consider this our ‘real wedding’ or our anniversary, it’s the one that the government considers real. After today, we’ll be legally bound, and only 16 days before we leave for Aruba. It’s an interesting space we’ll be in for those 16 days. An in-between state. […]

The Portal at the End of the Year

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Although I already busted out the costume this past weekend (Garrett and I were Wayne Campbell and Garth Algar from Wayne’s World), tomorrow is officially Halloween. And this is always a really exciting time of year for me. Halloween marks, officially, the last two months of the year. And the start of the holiday season. […]

My Life Is Changing Again. And I’m Processing.

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For the past few weeks, I’ve struggled with writing a little bit. My mind has been—filled. Processing, maybe. In my work, I’ve been studying the relationships between objectification, value, power dynamics, racism, sexism, assault, and harassment through the lens of the five Shadow Energies. In my life, I’m now a mere week away from getting […]