Do You Feel Like You’re Wrong?

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It used to happen to me all the time. I’d be sitting at a party or dinner with friends having a good ole time—and suddenly my mood would begin to drop. Rapidly. And I’d become miserable. Resentful. Depressed. And I couldn’t I figure out what was wrong with me. Why I couldn’t just be easy. […]

Do You Feel Like You’ll Never Get It to Work?

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I never wanted to be an entrepreneur. Some people are really good serial entrepreneurs. And they’re always looking for problems in the world and figuring out ways to solve them. They like raising money and strategizing marketing and all of that. And that’s not me. Honestly, I had no intention of ever being an entrepreneur. […]

What If Your Feelings (Even Bad Ones) Have Been Guiding You to Success This Whole Time?

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I learned early on not to trust myself. When you’re always too much—too intense, too emotional, too passionate, and too loud—then you’re always wrong. You start from the baseline that you’re wrong and everyone else is right. And it’s better not to trust yourself. So I started shaming myself for being high-maintenance. For not just […]

What Would Be Possible if Your Shame Was Actually Your Genius?

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I was never understood. Right back down from childhood, where I had a speech impediment, I was never understood. I’ve always felt a little bit like an outsider—unable to fully share myself with the world. My humor would be misinterpreted as snobbery. And my big, exciting ideas would be misinterpreted as something pretty trivial. And […]

Do You Ever Feel Like You’re Too Much?

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“The first thing you should know about Mike is he used to sing the Pledge of Allegiance so loudly in second grade that a teacher from the other side of the school had to come in and tell him to be quiet.” That’s how I was introduced this past weekend at a wedding by a […]


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