Why the Artist is the Modern Sorcerer (And Why You’re Definitely an Artist)

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The temple that’s hidden in plain sight.

Years ago, I filmed a documentary in Rome. Well, more specifically, in Ostia Antica—the unearthed ancient port city to Rome. In Roman times, its port was actually not located by the Forum but actually about 50 miles away right on the Mediterranean (and closer to the modern airport).

I filmed about the daily life of people who lived in Ostia. Spending the days at the public baths, watching a show at the amphitheater, praying to the gods, enjoying their lavish homes. But nothing quite fascinated me like a secret religion known as Mithraism. Followers prayed to a Persian god known as Mithra and met in hidden underground temples.

Throughout the city, these temples were literally hidden in plain sight. At the baths, the entryway was hidden behind bushes in a beautiful garden. Separate the two bushes, and a staircase appeared to enter the temple.

A temple hidden in plain sight.

I told this story to my current Sacred Circle last night on our Create Mastermind Call. As we were talking about manifesting our purpose, creating containers or portals to step into it, it got me thinking about this idea.

That I get on the call, and suddenly I’m different. I show up different. My energy changes. The rules change. There is suddenly powerful healing, channeling, and leadership where there wasn’t before. To the outside world, nothing happened. I just turned on my computer. But the truth is I entered a temple hidden in plain sight.

Or when Garrett gets home from work, and I stop working. And we spend time together. And a different part of me rises up. Speaking different language. Making difference references. Playing by different rules.

Not that I was inauthentic then or now. Not that I’m not fully being myself in either case. But each container, each temple, has different ways of showing up. Just as it wouldn’t be appropriate to speak to my clients like I would my personal friends. Because I’m in a different container. A different temple hiding in plain sight.

The truth is that any time we see energy manifested, we are in a container. From our homes to our relationships to our morning routines to our clothing to even our own human bodies, we are experiencing different containers or temples. We experience Divinity through the containers of the physical.

And that means that there are infinite temples hidden in plain sight. If somewhere were to ask me what makes someone so successful, a really great answer might be being able to perceive and step into appropriate temples seamlessly. To move from work containers to relationship containers to self-care containers that all feel so good to us with relative ease.

When we’re talking about manifesting our purpose into containers, what we’re really talking about is being artists. Taking the mundane, the everyday, the profane, and elevating it to the sacred through our art. Breathing life into the inanimate. Making food tell a story. Or simple words dance in someone’s heart. Or paint begin to speak.

It’s the ultimate form of sorcery. To be an artist. To give make everyday materials come alive. In the same way that Cinderella’s fairy godmother transformed her pumpkin into a carriage. As artists—as anyone who creates ever—we are building secret temples to breathe more life into the world.

And that’s magic. Right there. That’s magic. To build a temple hidden in plain sight. A temple for Vulnerability and Alignment in these blog posts. A temple for Success and Freedom in my Sacred Circle. So it looks just like a regular piece of writing. And somehow it comes alive. And transports its initiates—like good portals do—to some other place.

In the same way that my stunning red painting takes me to a deep sense of power. Without every living the room.

Art is about building temples hidden in plain sight. In the everyday. In the mundane. And energetically elevating it to the sacred. So that, on the surface, it just looks like some paint, or some words, or a t-shirt. But those who are initiated can see something more. Can know that Divinity is waiting inside.

What temples are creating today?

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