Are You Safe Enough to Know Your Genius?

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We will never discover our unique genius without immense safety.

We will never discover our unique genius without immense safety.

Because our genius is the tenderest part of ourselves. It’s our sensitivity. Where we literally can sense more. It’s where we feel our deepest wounds the strongest. Where we carry our trauma. Where our subjectivity lives.

And we need immense safety to access that. To fully, fully access that.

For most of my life, I didn’t feel safe. Only I didn’t know it. Because I had no idea what safety actually felt like. I had been conditioned to settle for what I experienced everyday—and call that safety.

I always felt wrong—“too much” and “not enough” for pretty much every space I entered. Too intense, too emotional, too sensitive. And not good enough or successful enough or easygoing enough.

I didn’t feel seen. Not at my core.

And I was taught to settle. I was taught to settle every goddamn day. With words like, “You just need to decide to be happy,” or “If you do more mindset work, your problems will go away.”

But we’d never tell a person in an abusive relationship to just be happy or to do more mindset work. It’s gaslighting.

And my entire life, I was taught to distrust and minimize my emotions. The ones that I was told made me “overreact, get too emotional, read too much into things, unable to take a joke.”

I was made to feel wrong and broken and fucked up. And not trust my emotions. Instead, internalizing the shame and thinking something was wrong with me.

So I wasn’t safe. I was never safe to fully be myself. Even if, from the outside, things looked pretty damn safe.

Most of us think of boundaries as a protection. A kind of “keeping others out” thing. But, honestly, in my life, I’ve come to find boundaries are really only about safety for all parties involved.

It’s just a line in the sand. A clear indication of who and what is appropriate in each space, and who and what isn’t.

I’ve stopped fearing people as “energy vampires” long ago, and started seeing them as people just looking for safety.

I’m a fierce protector of our Sacred Circle work. I attract in the right people just as much as I repel the wrong ones. And I’m clear about when certain conversations are appropriate and when they’re not. And I make tremendous amounts of time for myself during the day.

Because, the truth is, if it’s not 100% safe for me or anyone else, it’s not a space for our genius. And I’ve lived my life with way too many of those spaces.

I’ve lived my life trying to support people in the middle of a loud, casual party. Or letting sessions run long when I no longer had the energy to hold safety. Or I’ve tried to force out genius for deadlines and short-windows.

And none of it was safe. Not for me. Not for others.

We will never discover our unique genius without immense safety.

Genius isn’t something we can just will and force and cram into any space. It’s the tenderest part of ourselves.

It needs spaciousness. It needs safety. It needs unfolding.

Genius never comes linear; it comes in the flashes of a circle.

We see this part over here, and that part over there. And, if we don’t have spaciousness, we’ll think we’re totally all over the place and spastic. And that we jump from idea to idea.

But, with safety, with spaciousness, we see that these completely random unrelated ideas do actually connect. Not in a line, but in a circle. We’re just seeing different parts of the circle.

And, when they connect, we know our genius.

It’s easy for us visionaries to immediately assume we’re wrong. To tell ourselves we’re not organized enough or focused enough. To swear we’re too spastic and excited—jumping from idea to idea, and giving up before we move anywhere.

We’ve had a lifetime of practice at blaming and shaming ourselves. So we turn there all too quickly.

But maybe we just don’t have the safety to fully connect with our genius. Maybe we don’t have the safety to connect all the dots.

The flipside of thinking we’re crazy is knowing we’re a genius. And why the fuck would a genius even fit into the current boxes?

The rules don’t work for us. At best, we feel unfulfilled. At worst, nothing ever works out, and we feel frustrated and convinced that we’re not good enough again.

Because visionaries are here to create a new vision for the world. New ways of being. Channeling new genius down.

And you are a visionary. You are a genius. You are an artist.

You won’t fit in to the current boxes. You’ll always be “too much” or “not enough” for them. Because you’re creating new ones. Monumental, revolutionary, life-changing new ones.

And you need immense safety for that. You need spaciousness. You need boundaries. You need a space that is yours and yours alone. A space to explore and experiment without the pressures.

The second we begin to encroach on that space—with time limitations, money pressure, or fears of what others will think, we’ve already lost connection with our genius.

Our genius is the little child inside of us—the tender thing—begging for safety. Shy and afraid and shamed our whole lives.

Want to know your unique genius with unshakeable conviction? It only ever starts with safety.

Unrivaled safety.

Spaciousness, exploration, courage.

That’s why we’re such sticklers for creating the safest spaces you could ever possibly know. At least the safest spaces that I’ve ever possibly known.

Because the more safety you feel, the more genius can come forward.

And you have no idea what genius lies inside of you.


Questions for Reflection:

*Answer is a journal, in the comments right here, or take it over to the Sacred Branding® Facebook group where we can support one another:

Are you safe enough to know your genius?

— Do you ever feel “too much” or “not enough” for the spaces in your life? Do you feel like you’re decidedly NOT a genius?

— Think about some of the safest spaces in your life—maybe lunch with a best friend or dinner with your partner. What genius and wisdom comes out in those spaces? Is it more than comes out when you feel totally unsafe?

— What if the only thing holding you back from your genius is immense safety? What if you just need more boundaries, spaciousness, and safe places to allow that genius to come forward? How can you begin creating more safety for yourself today?

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