Are You Intuitive?

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I’m intuitive. I’ve been incredibly intuitive my entire life. Only I didn’t quite understand it.

I remember years ago when someone asked me where I’d be working next. I was sitting at a bar, and at that exact moment, I looked up at the TV, and the San Francisco Giants’ logo flashed across the screen. I said, “I don’t know.” But, with absolute certainty, I knew I’d be moving to San Francisco. I didn’t know why or how, but that it was important I move there.

Within a week, I got a call with a job opportunity in San Francisco. And, if I never took that job, I’d never have gotten involved in healthcare or owned my own PR agency. And I probably wouldn’t be doing the work that I am today.

Much earlier in life, when I was 16 or so, I remember that I was visiting my sister at her college, and I was sitting at one of these amazing desks where you can spin the desk table away from you or toward you. I joked that my only requirement for a college would be that it’d have that exact desk.

Flash forward a few years, and I was looking at colleges. I didn’t have strong feelings about any school except Northeastern University. Because my dad went there. And I thought it was so lame to go to the same school of my dad. So, I looked at other Boston schools and hated all of them. And it just made sense to look at Northeastern while we were in the city.

On the tour, the guide said, “Every year, some idiot freshman puts laundry detergent in the fountain and it has to be shut down for the whole year. Last year, I was that guy.”

And I thought, “If this school let’s some guy run tours, then I have to go here. It was the least pretentious school I saw.”

Moments later, I turned around and saw the exact desks I jokingly referred to earlier. That scene flashed across my mind. And I immediately walked into the bookstore and did the horrible bad luck thing you’re not supposed to do and bought a sweatshirt. My mind was made up—I wouldn’t go anywhere else.

If I had gone anywhere else, I wouldn’t have had so many career opportunities at a young age, I wouldn’t be doing the work that I’m doing now, and I wouldn’t have met Garrett. Hell, I probably wouldn’t be in Boston right now. But I am.

Finally, I remember one more time that stands out. It was when Garrett was applying for residency. Before we were together. Before I even got sick. We were friends. And he was trying to decide where to go for residency. He wanted to leave Boston. And as he said the words, “I’m not sure where I want to go,” I looked down and saw the logo for the VA Boston sticking out from a pile of papers on his floor.

In that instance, I had a vision of him walking through the doors of the VA, a building I’d never even seen. I just turned to him and said, “I know where you’ll be, but I can’t tell you because it’d affect the decision.”

Three months later, miraculously, he ended up at the VA. And his start date was weeks after I got sick. If he never accepted that job, he would have left Boston before I got sick and never taken care of me. And we wouldn’t be together today.

I think a lot about intuition. Because it guides so many of my daily decisions now. But, for most of my life, it came in random spurts like these stories. Things that pushed me onto my path, my destiny. But challenging to interpret or trust.

Intuition is really just speaking the language of the Soul. And that’s something everyone has access to.

My friend Dana Machacek, a former scientist and incredible psychic, has been studying intuition for years. And she asked me to participate in an interview series she’s doing to help people understand and access their own intuition in new ways. You’re welcome to check out my interview, along with dozens of other, if you want to access your intuition. My interview went live today, so feel free to sign up to get it here. I believe this will be up for unlimited amount of time, so you can sign up whenever.

Intuition—it’s a funny thing. It’s been the guiding force behind all decisions that have led to the best and most fulfilling moments of my life.

Are you intuitive? Can you let yourself be?

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