Are You a Romantic?

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I’m a romantic.

It only took me an annual viewing of the cheesy (and maybe most contentious) Christmas movie Love, Actually last night to realize it.

My whole life, I’ve carried the story that I was naïve or too idealistic or unrealistic or too demanding or—quite frankly—high-maintenance.

That I lived up in the clouds, wasting my time dreaming up possibilities.

I thought it was some fundamental flaw with me.

When all this time, I was just a romantic.

I’m in love with everything. I get so passionate and excited about every part of life—even the pain and turmoil and fear. And, no matter how bad the world seems, I still see examples of love everywhere.

There are many reasons why I write each weekday morning. But maybe the most predominant is love.

I love visionaries. I love people who see the world with giant, romantic visions of a future yet to come. I love offering a free resource, a daily sermon, for any visionary who needs the safety and support of these words.

I love language. I love writing. I love stringing words together with rhythm and texture and emotion. I love feeling the energy inside of me translated onto a page.

One of the greatest compliments a reader has ever given me is a comment on a post, where he wrote. “I love your writing. It speaks to my soul. I spin and spin and fall deeper in love with each word.”

It’s romantic. And so over-the-top. And too much. Like how all of romance is. How I am.

Because I’m a romantic.

I love the grand gestures, like surprising Garrett with a trip to Italy and proposing to him in the pouring rain on a balcony on the Amalfi Coast.

I love how I resigned as owner of a successful PR agency to step into the unknown. With really no plan of what I’d do or how I’d build. But a knowing that this was right.

Because that’s the thing about romantics—we’re not just unrealistic and disillusioned. We’re visionaries. We can see a vision others can’t. And it’s just as real as anything else. In fact, it’s so real that we fall in love with it.

And we’re not leaving this job or relationship because we’re bored and ungrounded. We’re doing it because we’ve seen the vision. We know it with absolute certainty. It’s real enough for us to fall in love and risk it all.

And we don’t always have a plan. We don’t always know how it will unfold. But we’re 100% certain that it is the right thing to do.

Every romantic act I’ve ever committed has played out the exact same way.

Because, honestly, I need to be that in love with the vision to forgo the fears and anxieties holding me back.

Romance is just that moment that love is stronger than fear.

And I’m a romantic. I’m romantic about how I run my business. I’m romantic about the people we get to work with. I’m romantic about every Sacred Circle and Sacred Mastermind.

I’m romantic about my home (which is literally my dream home). I’m romantic about my dogs and Garrett and Aruba.

Because, when we get down to it, romance isn’t something that we do; it’s how we see the world. And we visionaries are romantics.

We’re in love with art, passion, our purpose (even if we don’t know what it is yet). We’re in love with potential—the potential of ideas and inspiration and people. We’re in love with our visions.

And the only reason we ever do crazy things in this world is when those moments of love are stronger than our moments of fear. We take the plunge. We trust. We surrender.

Because we know the vision. We know it’s real. And even though we have a million excuses, they can never match up to that love.

And sometimes we fail. Sometimes we fail gloriously. But it’s always worth it in the name of love.

Honestly, I look back on so many decisions I’ve made, from telling Garrett I loved him, to leaving my job, to starting this business, to buying this house, to proposing in Italy, and I think I must have been fucking crazy.

What the hell was I thinking? Part of me thinks I was just lucky it all worked out.

But the truth is I wasn’t thinking. I was romantic.

I saw that exact balcony I’d propose on four years early—when we were only six months into our relationship. I saw a vision of it. And it was so real and so full of love, that it stayed front of mind. Even when I swore I couldn’t afford it or it couldn’t happen.

We visionaries are sensitive. We literally sense more. We feel more. We love deeper. We’re romantics.

And, when we fall for a vision, we fall hard. We know we can make a difference in the world. We know we have a big purpose. We know we’re here for big things.

And it doesn’t always make logical sense. We can’t always explain why. We think we’re crazy and too idealistic. Because love transcends the intellect. It brings us to heights we never thought possible.

Love makes us do crazy things. Like sacrifice what we thought we cared about or wanted. And be incredibly generous. And keep getting up even when we’ve failed 100 times. And choose the “harder” path that will ultimately leave us more fulfilled.

If it weren’t for love, I wouldn’t do this work. I wouldn’t be writing this right now. I wouldn’t be in this home, next to these dogs, or even married to Garrett. I wouldn’t have taken any big risks.

I’d still be making tons of money advising health technology clients, suffering from acid-reflux and stress, and drinking plenty of alcohol.

Every decision that led me here was “crazy, too much, and idealistic.”

It was romantic.

We swing for the fences. And, fuck, we swing big.

Because I’d rather whiff gloriously than know I ever lived one moment of this life without passionate love.

But I guess that’s just the romantic in me.

Happy holidays, and—to those who celebrate—Merry Christmas.



Questions for Reflection:

*Answer in a journal, in the comments right here, or take it over to the Sacred Branding® Facebook group where we can support one another:

Are you a romantic?

— Do you fantasize about exciting possibilities in your life? Do you take big risks because you feel something so deeply? Do you fall in love with ideas?

— Do you judge yourself for being “too idealistic” or “naïve”? Has anyone ever told you that some of your decisions are crazy or impossible? Do you sometimes doubt that you can ever do this?

— What if you’re a romantic? What if your vision is so real that you’ve fallen in love with it? What if love always transcends the intellect? What if you can’t help but choose love first—and that’s not a flaw; it’s actually your genius?

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