We Adopted a Dog — And Why You Can’t Miss Your Destiny

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We have a new family member. We adopted a dog.

For years now, Garrett and I have talked about getting a dog. But it never seemed to be the right time. There was always a trip to Aruba just around the corner. Or a trip to Italy. Or our crazy summer plans. Or travel for work.

We were buying a house. Or starting a new business. Or planning a wedding. It always felt too crazy. There was always a reason to put it off. And, especially with going to Aruba in November, it just seemed crazy to do anything before then.

But, finally, at a wedding recently, someone said to me, “There will always be something coming up. Just like having a baby, there’s never a perfect time. So the bottom line is—do you want a dog or not?”

So we talked. And talked. And looked until we saw the most beautiful rescue. A two-year-old Italian greyhound mix. Who was saved one day before he was supposed to be euthanized. Whose face looked exactly like a lab/greyhound mix I had growing up. He was perfect.

Except the application process for this rescue was rigorous, with home visits, vet reference checks, and personal reference checks. Not to mention we’d be away for an entire week, unable to do much of it. And I knew a cutie like this would never make it two weeks before someone else wanted him.

So I set my intention that if he’s meant to be ours, it’ll be easy. And, if he’s not ours, make it impossible. And I sent in the application.

I was terrified because I knew he was ours. And every intuitive friend I talked to knew he was ours. But was it just wishful thinking? Was I getting my hopes up?

And a psychic friend reminded me to let go. She said, “You can’t miss your boat. You can’t miss your dog. If he’s meant to be yours, he’ll be yours. If not, you’ll find the right one who is. I mean, we both know he’s yours. But magic will always intervene to bring you to destiny.”

And it did. While we were away, we got an e-mail that this beautiful dog’s transfer from Arkansas got delayed, and he wouldn’t be in town until right when we got back from our trip. And administrative backup meant they didn’t have time to put him up on the Facebook page. Almost no one saw him but us.

One hour after we got off our flight, someone was at our door for a home visit. And later that day, all of our references were checked. For a process that supposedly took 2+ weeks, we were done in a week and ready for when he came in the next day.

We finally got to meet him on Friday. And the second we saw him, it was an instant yes. He’s playful but gentle. Loves watching TV and relaxing, but is always up for a game. Is incredibly house-trained already. Brilliantly smart (already learned about six commands in the 48 hours we’ve had him). And he’s deeply loving.

He’s our dog. And we’re his humans.

I want to introduce the world to the adorable Roscoe. The newest member of our family. The newest mascot of my work. So you may see him on a Five Minutes with Mike or two. Or maybe it should be re-named Weekday Wisdom with Roscoe?

If there’s one thing here’s taught me so far, it’s to trust. In intuition. In destiny. In the fact that we can’t miss our boat. Magic will intervene. Every time. Even when things are horribly unlikely, magic will intervene.

Like how we lost our house in a bidding war, and it came back to us. Or how Garrett was on the verge of moving to Chicago, and magically got placed in Boston for residency right before we started our relationship. Or how I lost my passport, which set off a chain of events that led to me starting this business.

You can’t miss your boat. Even if it looks like it’s past, it’ll come around again. Maybe in a different form. Maybe in a different way. But it’ll come again. Because destiny calls.

Our job is to simply listen. And trust. Honoring our intuition. Honoring our desires. Letting go and surrendering. Creating the containers that express our Soul. And no longer pretending that we have all the answers.

Magic will always intervene, if we can just let go and trust.

So tell me—do you believe in magic?

Roscoe sure does.

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