Mike Iamele | Mentor for Spiritual & Conscious Entrepreneurs

0055_160720_TJD11709Above all else, I believe that you deserve to be compensated abundantly for living your life purpose.

And yet I’ve watched it time and time again. A spiritual entrepreneur finally follows her calling. She leaves that corporate job to truly live her purpose. The reason she knows she was born for. She’s declared her “woo-ness” to the world. She’s putting herself out there because she knows that the world needs her work.

And then crickets. No matter how many courses she buys, webinars she watches, or ‘list-building’ activities she tries, she just can’t make it work. She’s put her heart and soul into this business. She’s more aligned than she’s ever been.

And the money just isn’t rolling in. She’s working her butt off and is feeling drained. And has the sneaking suspicion that this isn’t exactly what your life purpose is supposed to feel like.


I get it. Because I’ve been there. And so have hundreds and hundreds of spiritual entrepreneurs I’ve worked with.

The problem isn’t that you’re not good enough. Or not business-savvy enough. Or not surrendering enough. Or even that you’re not working through your money blocks enough.

If there’s one thing I know, through years of working with spiritual entrepreneurs at every level of the game—from just starting out to six- and seven-figure business owners—it’s that being compensated for living your life purpose has very little to do with learning new business skills. And everything to do with the energetics behind the scenes.

I’m passionate about helping spiritual entrepreneurs connect with the energetic blueprint of their purpose and then use that to build an entire business that is both spiritually and financially abundant. From Sacred Branding™ sessions to discover your purpose and brand, to Sacred Circles that help you turn your purpose into a thriving business, to even supportive masterminds for advanced growth, my job is to get you aligned with the energetics of your business and shine your light to millions.

So that you’re not just building your dream business. You’re building your dream life.


I specifically help clients to:0034_160720_TJD11668

  • Discover their unmistakable brand and the way energy uniquely flows for them
  • Understand their unique genius and how to use their life purpose to build success
  • Tune in to the energetics of their business and see their blocks
  • Uplevel their business by shifting any low-vibrational energy that is attached
  • Develop programs that give their audiences exactly what they want (and honor their own ideal time schedule)
  • Create financial plans that shift their money story from a more empowered place
  • Spread their message to millions through effective PR and thought leadership campaigns
  • Be seen in massive ways, including speaking on stages, writing for top-tier publications, being interviewed on television, and writing books
  • Form strategic partnerships and supportive connections



Meet-Mike-Professional-bioMike Iamele is an author, a coach, and a mentor for spiritual entrepreneurs. He is passionate about helping spiritual entrepreneurs understand that the game of entrepreneurship is actually heavily weighted in their favor; they’ve just been playing by outdated rules. Smart, effective, and successful marketing actually has a basis in strong energetic principles. And he believes that each individual has a unique and unmistakable way energy flows through them (what he calls ‘Brand Energies’), and that by mapping and aligning with your own flow of energy, you can create incredible success without striving or hustling.

Through his renowned Sacred Branding™ work, as well as his provocative Sacred Circles, Mike has helped hundreds of entrepreneurs, at every level of work, to completely re-conceptionalize the way they think of branding, making money, building a business, and even life purpose.

Prior to working specifically with spiritual entrepreneurs, Mike was a co-founder and partner at the successful boutique public relations firm Torch Communications LLC, where he specialized in disruptive technology, philanthropy, and healthcare reform. He brings his high-level and energetically-based perspective on thought leadership and advanced public relations to the spiritual entrepreneurs that he believes are doing the most world-changing work today.